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Real reviews of real customers about Ohis Systems aka OHI-S

Paid to attend the congress in November 2021.

In June, I decided to return the money, because the company canceled the event in full-time format.

I wrote a statement, they promised to return the money in 2 months. It's been 3.5 months. There is no money, there is no connection with the management. I remind you about myself every week.

They promise to return it, but most likely there will be no money!

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Dinara Yu.,
The expert of the city of level 3,
September 26, 2022

Ohis company does not refund the money. Due to recent events, we refused to study and paid a decent amount as a prepayment for training before that.

For more than three months, the company has been feeding us "Jam tomorrow", there is no connection with the management and accounting.

Therefore, before contacting this company, think about whether you are ready to say goodbye to money if anything.
heat calli,
The expert of the city of the 2nd level,
September 12, 2022

I do not recommend buying courses from this company.

We paid the money for the course, a rather large amount of 350,000, wrote an application for a refund in connection with the latest events back in February, and the money was never returned to us.

Every day they say that they understand us perfectly, they do everything to help us, but in fact they simply ignore our application for a refund and do not give us any contacts except as a manager.

Think a thousand times before contacting this company!!!
Monica T.,
The expert of the city of level 4,
August 26, 2022

The cost of courses is considered very strange. 1€=100₽. Today 19.05.22. If you ask why - the price is reduced. Be careful when paying.

Addendum dated 20.10.22. The situation is "money is hanging" since February 2020 (there was a cancellation due to coronavirus).

After the situation of 19.05.22, a decision was made to return. An official letter "on the refund of funds" has been written.

Today 20.10.22 there is still no money. For all claims - only promises to "transfer to the accounting department" and excuses "a long queue for a refund"!?

If they can't return it for 5 months, the question arises - how many people are in the queue?! And is this organization "fraudulent"?

Be careful. Do not pay for those courses that can be canceled..

It seems to me that I need to write a collective complaint? "about fraud"
Olga S.,
The expert of the city of level 4,
October 20, 2022

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